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       Coaching Facilities:

  • Paso Robles Golf Club

  • River Oaks Golf Course

  • Chalk Mountain Golf Course

  • Dairy Creek Golf Course

  • Morro Bay Golf CourseH

       What We Offer:

  • Private Golf Instruction

  • Group Golf Instruction

  • Junior Golf Instruction
    *All skill levels are welcome!

At the MB Golf Academy, we identify the goals of each student from the very beginning and develop a game plan to help achieve them. Every golfer's swing style is based on their build, flexibility, and past athletic experience.  We focus on these areas to create a solid foundation that each golfer can build on and repeat, whether on the driving range or the golf course.  Each golf lesson includes a follow-up email summary, swing videos, and pictures of what was covered during the session.   We look forward to working with you to realize your golfing goals!       

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