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Testimonials: Testimonials

A good golf instructor needs to understand the goals of the student and evaluate how best to help them achieve these goals.  Key to this is good communication and mutual respect.  Mike does an excellent job in helping his students achieve their goals.  He is a wealth of information on so much, but knows that the answer usually lies in simplicity.  He is a master at keeping his students focused on the issue at hand and instills confidence in their abilities.  I have worked with Mike since 2012 and he took me from a basic beginner to a seasoned tournament player with a 5 index, which were two of my goals when we first met.  His ability to cut through, see and communicate a simple tweak to the swing, or plan a more major change to technique is always done with kindness, connection, commitment, and always with the student’s best interests at heart.  Mike is always there to be the support team and he is dedicated to your long term success, not just getting through a one hour lesson.  He cares deeply about the success of all his students, regardless of the level of their goals.  I seriously cannot recommend him highly enough.  If you are serious about improving your game despite your age group, gender, or goals, Mike will meet you in the middle and get you from A to B.

Nicki A.

You have a great way of connecting and communicating!  You have never once told me what I was doing wrong but rather showed me what I was doing, explained why I was doing it and then offered a different approach and explained the difference between them.  More golfers need to benefit from what you have to offer Mike!

Jeffery H.

The golf club fitting I had with Mike was one of my best experiences ever! Your detailed email summary of the golf lesson and club fitting really helped me to keep things simple.  I can't thank you enough for the upbeat and successful lesson and fitting.  I look forward to working with Mike again!

Jerry W.

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